March 10, 2017 Latest News

  • New Love Story released by Samantha Sheridan
  • As she sat at the window, looking out at the skyline and wondering why she had made this trip to New York, she knew it was a long shot that they had connected again. She should have taken her own advice and stayed home. Why had she even come? Sue had not been in a relationship with Mike for over twenty-five years and was not even sure why they were being brought together again.
  • By James Paul Publishing  
  • Incedo Ventures into Life Science Solutions
  • Incedo Inc. is an IT consulting and services firm. We specialise in delivering real-time technology solutions that are cost effective, innovative and enhance business productivity. Incedo has immense expertise in providing MDM in Pharma Solutions - designing solutions according to requirements, as well as support, development and integration for OEMs and telecom operators.
  • By Incedoinc