March 08, 2012 Latest News

  • New Music Style Penetrates Modern Society
  • People who believe that everything in life happens for a reason will fall in love with Miss Kristin and the stories behind her large catalog of songs, all of which stem from her personal life experiences.
  • By Norcal Press 
  • BeeRaider Launches Radical New Keyboard Design for Android Tablets and Smartphones
  • An Irish SME start-up has developed a radical new keyboard design. It is suitable for both physical and virtual integration with all current mobile devices. For physical implementations, the new design's main advantages over standard QWERTY keyboard offerings lie in its small footprint size and its ability to offer the full-set of desktop-keyboard keys without reduction in keycap-area-size.
  • By Beeraider
  • Mirch Dial Announces the Launch of its New Website
  • Mirch Dial launched a new website to create one-stop customized open source predictive dialer solution provider for businesses. Mirch Dial initiated its business offerings in March, 2010 as a customized open source predictive dialer solution for your business.
  • By Mirch Dial
  • Goes International
  • Buying men's clothing over the internet has become more popular as fewer and fewer men's specialty stores exist, and the one's that still do have cut back on the sizes and styles they offer. American Suit Store discovered that international hits on the web site were often as high as 10% a day. The organization decided to expand overseas with Bongo International.
  • By Bongo International
  • DTI Announces Addition to LitWorks 2012 Course Schedule
  • DTI announced today an addition to its 2012 course schedule. In addition to the Portland location, LitWorks is offering its project manager training course in Washington, D.C. (March 27-29) and Chicago (June 19-21). The company also offers Certified Litigation Support Professional and Certified Litigation Support Manager training courses.
  • By Document Technologies, Inc.
  • Launches an Online Store
  • has launched an online store to make available to the public items that have been hand crocheted by the artist Natalia Rogovskaya. The site features galleries with enlarged views of Ms. Rogovskaya's works, including a movie page for 360º views. There are abundant selections of baby hats, lapdog jackets, iPad bags, adult knitwear, handmade toys and luxury lace housewares.
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