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  • FUZEBOX Heads to KickStarter - The most accessible coding device ever
  • For the first time just about any computing device can be used to program games and apps, control robotic devices, interact with sensors and experiment with electronics. The FUZEBOX doesn't care if you have Windows, OSx, iOS, Android or Linux, or if you are using a phone, tablet, laptop or PC. It simply connects to your device via USB, Bluetooth or WiFi and allows you to get coding straight away.
  • By Bleatpr - April 14, 2016
  • ASUSTOR Launches Powerful High Capacity AS6208T and AS6210T
  • ASUSTOR launches two new high-capacity enterprise-class NAS models supporting 4K UHD multimedia playback, equipped with the latest powerful Intel Celeron quad-core processors, featuring 4GB of built-in dual-channel memory that is expandable up to 8GB, provides ultimate cutting-edge performance and rich variety of I/O interfaces for flexible expansion and deployment.
  • By Asustor Inc. - April 13, 2016
  • ASUSTOR Enhances Core Functions With New ADM 2.6 Beta
  • Enhanced ADM core functions, featuring batch creation and importation of ADM accounts, all new MyArchive mechanism and advanced iSCSI LUN snapshot configurations, providing users with a more flexible cloud storage experience. Enhanced ASUSTOR Portal* streaming media app, YouTube, with FHD 1080p playback support, added Netflix and URL-Pack app.
  • By Asustor Inc. - March 07, 2016
  • ASUSTOR Releases Photo Gallery 2.0 Beta
  • The next evolution in ASUSTOR's Photo Gallery brings support for multi-level folder structures, increased thumbnail processing speeds, more sorting functions, auto rotation to correct orientation of uploaded images, a concealable side navigation bar that shows album folder structures, an intuitive search function and customizable browsing quality.
  • By Asustor Inc. - February 01, 2016