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  • Lexus Announces the 2012 RX 400 H
  • Get to know about SUV full hybrid technology along with RX range. Find how electric and petrol engine power is combined smartly for breathtaking performance with significantly lower emissions. You can also learn about the fuel consumption and related matters like design versatility and performance of this SUV in the RX 450 range.
  • By Toyota Plc Lexus Division - February 21, 2012
  • Mods4cars Offers Video in Motion Unlock for Mercedes Benz Models
  • The aftermarket video in motion unlocking device called SmartTV is available for virtually all Mercedes Benz vehicles with Comand navigation and entertainment system. It allows the passenger to enjoy TV and DVD playback while the vehicle is moving. The unlocker can be activated or deactivated conveniently and on the fly with the steering wheel buttons.
  • By Mods4cars - February 17, 2012
  • MyTVS launches a new interactive web Platform
  • MyTVS launches a new interactive web Platform It's a unique holistic social engagement platform for car owners and enthusiasts.The new MyTVS web platform serves as a tool for informing potential as well as existing customers who will benefit knowing more about the range of services that MyTVS Provides. In addition, it also showcases the growth of MyTVS.
  • By Tvs Automobile Solutions Limited - February 09, 2012