December 07, 2011 Latest News

  • SharePoint Store Launched Today
  • NetConnect announced today that the world's first application store for SharePoint business solutions in the cloud is now available on SharePoint Store is launched with 30 global partners and content providers.
  • By Netconnect Asa
  • CHEAP Insurance Opens New Sacramento Location
  • CHEAP Insurance, well known throughout the state of California as a reputable provider of cheap auto insurance, with special emphasis on helping the Unlucky Driver, has recently opened a new a brand new state of the art headquarters in Sacramento so customers can visit and purchase cheap auto insurance in person, as well as online.
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  • Paper Shredder Safety Meaures Video Released
  • A paper shredder is a device, mechanical in nature, meant for cutting paper into very small pieces to render it unusable. Earlier this machine was commonly used in Government organizations and businesses to destroy papers that were either private, confidential or had any kind of sensitive information.
  • By Powers Taylor Llp
  • Launch of Palazzo Rimondi Hotel new website, created by MOZAIK
  • When the old charm of Palazzo Rimondi Hotel meets MOZAIK's modern design and contemporary technology, the result is a fully functional and user friendly new website. Website visitors have the opportunity to find useful information on the hotel and the greater region, plan vacations and romantic getaways, or simply daydream.
  • By Mozaik
  • BASF and three top European universities team up on functional materials research
  • BASF SE has set up a research initiative called Joint Research Network on Advanced Materials and Systems (JONAS) in collaboration with the universities of Strasbourg, France; Freiburg, Germany, and ETH Zurich, Switzerland. The aim is to work jointly to strengthen the scientific base and understanding of modern materials and systems and expand the international research network.
  • By Financial News
  • HCS Takes the Lead-In Business Opportunities
  • Lead-In Research identify businesses who are looking to move, or are upgrading their premises. This data then allows a proactive new business approach from any companies in the service sector or construction industry who need to target occupier information.
  • By Barbour Abi
  • Music For Occupy Selects WORKHOUSE
  • Music with a Mission on behalf of Occupy Wall Street. Contrbutions include music from Crosby & Nash, Devo, Jackson Browne, Third Eye Blind, Ladytron, Warren Haynes, Yo La Tengo, The Guthrie Family & more.
  • By W O R K H O U S E
  • NEXThink Announces 1 Million Licenses Sold
  • Coming with the IT landscape transformation and workplace revolution, NEXThink, acclaimed by the market with more 1,000,000 licenses sold, offers this unique user-centric analytics that every IT manager needs.
  • By Nexthink