October 22, 2014 Latest News

  • Noah Francis Johnson Launches Harvest Tree E.P at KPH in London
  • Noah Francis Johnson launches his Harvest Tree E.P at KPH in London on the 22nd October 2014. Noah Francis Johnson has been getting an increasing amount of attention since his debut album Life & Times. With a feature on a BBC One four part television series, an invitation to record Ray Charles unfinished project, backing by Quincy Jones, along with international press and radio appearances.
  • By Mastermindpr
  • SimplyCast Appoints Thomas Martin to Board of Directors
  • We're happy to announce that we're bringing Thomas Martin into our board of directors! Mr. Martin has over ten years experience growing small businesses, and in 2010, orchestrated the biggest Canadian business deal of that year. We look forward to working with Mr. Martin, and hope to grow even faster with him on board.
  • By Simplycast
  • Adams Morgan Animal Hospital Halloween Open House
  • In celebration of this ghoulish holiday, Adams Morgan Animal Hospital is holding a Halloween Open House from 11:00 am-2:00 pm on Friday, Oct. 31, 2014. The event will be held at Adams Morgan Animal Hospital and is free and open to all community members.
  • By Crimson Fly