October 10, 2011 Latest News

  • PCVITA team Shared Condolence on Steve Jobs Departure
  • Here one press release is been made by the PCVITA team to share the condolence with the Apple and whole world tech lovers during the eve of Steve Jobs departure. The company considers the Silicon Valley icon as one of the most valuable assets of the tech world, whose idea about innovation created complete change in the way computer corporate big names think.
  • By Pcvita
  • Maureen Russolo Joins E Source as Director of Utility Customer Experience
  • Maureen Russolo join E Source as Director of Utility Customer Experience. Most recently, Russolo was manager of customer experience at Union Gas Limited, where she was responsible for customer experience strategy and multichannel strategy. She has more than 13 years of energy-related experience, including planning, performance measurement, and customer relations.
  • By E Source
  • Pet Race- New Addicting iPhone App with Multiplayer Modes
  • Emerson App Development is excited to announce the release of Pet Race 1.0. Cats and dogs have been battling each other for centuries. Traditionally, the cat seems to always out run the dog and gets away but the rivalry continues. This game will allow you to race your opponent in a popular style of gaming control by running and soaring in an attempt to win the race.
  • By Emerson App Development