September 22, 2012 Latest News

  • Work-related British Analyze (OET) To Exercise Health Careers in Australia
  • If you are an recognized in medical care and health and fitness market and willing to exercise in Quotes, you have to provide out an Work-related British Evaluate (OET) to validate your skills in the British language. Examine is used by the OET middle. Examine is recognized by the Managing Regulators of 12 Quotes health and fitness professions.
  • By Leadeducation
  • German Creates A Beer Tent As Alternative Accommodation For Oktoberfest
  • The Germans go crazy for Oktoberfest, which is why finding accommodation during the festival period is always particularly difficult. This year, a Munich local  had an ingenious idea to cash in on the influx of tourists: he has built an "Oktobertent" in his backyard made of 504 beer bottles, and is renting it out for $156 / night on the accommodation platform
  • By Wimdu
  • Mongni Land Closed Beta Test
  • No More Boring Farming Games!! Protect your island and sail out to ocean! FUNEAST Co.,Ltd is servicing SNG Web Game "Mongni Land" CBT phase on August 30th, 2012 through its official Online Gaming Portal Gameyez (
  • By Funeast Co., Ltd.
  • Sony Xperia Tipo Dual Launched in Indian Market
  • After the huge success of walkman phone by Sony Ericsson, the company started facing new challenges as there was a huge evolution in the field of technology and every communication company has taken the initiative of launching the Smartphones.
  • By Letsshop
  • UrFight is Proud to Sponsor Rick Rose for PFC 5
  • UrFight is a Mixed Martial Arts branding and marketing company. We special in branding, marketing and promotional products, services a consultation for MMA fights, gyms, promoters and other businesses and professionals that would like to get involved with the fastest growing sport in the world.
  • By Urfightsite
  • Daios Boutique Hotel: Thessaloniki's Benchmark of Excellence
  • Overlooking the azure gulf of Thermaikos, Daios Boutique hotel, in the heart of the magnificent city of Thessaloniki is considered Thessaloniki's benchmark of excellence. Its prominent location, the luxurious amenities and unrivalled services provided aim to ensure the ultimate luxury accommodation experience in the city that never sleeps.
  • By Mozaik
  • 100 Year- Old Printing Company Launches Online sales Website
  • Eveready Printing, Inc. is a company located in Cleveland, Ohio. It is a family owned business which prides itself on serving the community. Eveready Printing has been a community business since 1900. Recently, an online division of the company was created in effort to provide the quality products, which have been available locally for years, to customers nationwide.
  • By Eveready Printing
  • NCX Group Inc Celebrates 10 Years Of Information Security
  • For ten years NCX Group has been a leader in information security and the broader field of information risk management, now expanded to four areas of practice: Information Security, Business Continuity, Data Forensics, and Cloud Based Security Event Management.
  • By Ncx Group