August 29, 2017 Latest News

  • Bryan Wells, D.C. Acquires Florida Spine
  • Welcome to the Florida Spine in Vero Beach, which provides an alternative approach to rehabilitation, prevention and proactive methods to achieve total wellness. Dr Bryan Wells and the Vero Beach chiropractic office treat back pain, neck pain and headaches through a personalized combination of spinal adjustments, physical therapy and rehabilitation.
  • By Florida Spine
  • Living Advantage, Inc. Received $31,300 From USC Good Neighbors Campaign
  • LOS ANGELES, CA, Monday, August 28th, 2017 – Living Advantage, Inc. (LA, Inc.) is excited to announce that we have received $31,300 from USC Good Neighbors campaign as a partial grant averaging $3,300 per student for 1 year which is only $77 a week. LA, Inc. enriches the lives of every child in the foster care system nationally by decreasing the risk of unemployment, homelessness, welfare, etc.
  • By Livingadvantageinc