August 31, 2017 Latest News

  • SimplyCast Announces Four-Day Workweek for Employees
  • As of July 2017, SimplyCast has implemented a four-day workweek for employees who have served the company for over a year, allowing them one Friday off a month. This change was made not only to increase productivity but also to thank our employees for their dedication and provide the additional health benefits that come with a four-day workweek.
  • By Simplycast
  • ELS explains the Commercial Case at Project Challenge
  • Cath Convery, of the learning and development consultancy Explosive Learning Solutions (ELS), will be explaining the ‘Better Business Cases™’ model at Project Challenge. Project Challenge, scheduled for 10th and 11th October at London’s Olympia, is an event that focuses on anything and everything related to ‘projects’.
  • By Bob Little Press Andpr
  • Treasure Eye-Lava Cake Island Remix
  • As an homage to the mysteries of manifesting dreams and passions, the Treasure Eye Lava Cake Island Remix is a Dance/Rock soundtrack that everyone needs for inspiration of new goals and pursuing ones’ dreams or adventures.
  • By Redwood Entertainment