June 26, 2013 Latest News

  • Utilize Free Upgrade Training from Signworld to better your Sign Business
  • One of the true benefits that Signworld offers its group of independent owners is the opportunity to take advantage of free upgrade training that is made available on a regular basis. While most of the training is taught or moderated by the Signworld corporate staff, many other sessions are taught by the Signworld President Ken Kindt, VP of Signworld Jack Werner and other industry experts.
  • By Signworld Corporation
  • 99X Technology Shares International Software Product Engineering Expertise In Sri Lanka
  • With the IT-BPO industry exhibiting a high paced growth in Sri Lanka to becoming a billion dollar industry by 2016 and presently being among the top 20 outsourcing destinations globally, Colombo Camp Community, backed up and principally sponsored by 99X Technology, shared immense knowledge and expertise with its 7 international speakers at the recently concluded Software Product Engineering Conference (SPEC 2013).
  • By Istiqaama
  • Powerful ORM Profiler Tool in LINQ Insight 3.0
  • Devart is glad to present the new version of LINQ Insight - a powerful Visual Studio add-in that allows users to execute LINQ queries right from their code at design-time and to profile application interaction with ORM runtime and with database.
  • By Devart