May 26, 2011 Latest News

  • Škoda Presents Its Competence In Electro-Mobility
  • Škoda is getting ready for the electro-mobility age. Its Octavia Green E Line presented at the International E-Mobility Congress held at the Faculty of Transport, Czech Technical University in Prague was the first-ever Škoda-branded fully-electric vehicle concept to have been showcased in the Czech Republic.
  • By Skoda Australia
  • International education arrives in Kochi
  • International Graduate School, IGS, is a revolutionary and face changer for the present education system. they offer internationally recognized full time UK university courses in various parts of the world. This international business school offers Executive MBA, UK MBA courses in Kochi, MBA programs in Kerala India where students could do a part of their curriculum in India and the rest in UK.
  • By International Graduate School
  • Vikram Solar enters into a Strategic JV with the Proener Renovables of Spain
  • The PR talks about Vikram Solar's joint venture with Proener Renovables. Vikram Solar is a pioneer manufacturer of Solar Photovoltaic modules and Proener Renovables is a leading company in Engineering processes, Design, Construction and Maintenance of large photovoltaic Solar Power Plants.The two companies together aim to bring about a significant development in the renewable energy sector.
  • By Vikram Solar