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Mixvoip S.a. Information
  • Loic Didelot
  • 209, rue des Romains, Bertrange, Luxembourg
  • Phone: 35220333320
  • URL: http://www.mixvoip.com
  • MIXvoip S.a has been founded in 2008 to provide innovative VoIP and PBX solutions for small medium entreprises and private individuals. It became a leading provider offering the best of VoIP, Fax, PBX gateway and Softphone Solutions which are now available for iPhone, Windows, Mac and Linux. For more than two years now, MIXvoip has offered its extensive and expanding customer base the ability to make long distance calls for little to no cost.
Mixvoip S.a. Press Release -


  • MIXvoip announces the possibility to connect with Skype users
  • MIXvoip announces a new addition to its services which provides the opportunity for its customers to connect to the global network of Skype.
  • MIXvoip announces the possibility for all MIXvoip customers to now expand their audience by connecting to Skype users.

    MIXvoip, a Luxem ...
  • May 26, 2011