February 03, 2012 Latest News

  • SONY TX200V contrast ST18i Performance report
  • CP exhibition release in Japan, SONY calmly of released three of new DC, three of the TX200V camera by many users' attention. Of course he has a lot of attention reasons, such as very advanced and concise appearance design, for example as high as 18 million pixels new back as CMOS type. Of course this camera is not only bright point some, but also can cause certain associations. Let's see the SONY TX200V and SONY Ericsson ST18i.
  • By Changhongdianzi
  • ABSOLUT Legacy Book Launch
  • The ABSOLUT Legacy book launch is the epitome of immensity through minimalism. Great efforts have been dedicated by artists to showcase their creativity through simplistic approaches. The compilation will speak for itself as you witness the artistry of ABSOLUT through the collection granted to you by the Legacy book which is being launched at the Marriott Hotel Manila on November 2011.
  • By Eventscape Manila, Inc.
  • Delcam to show latest CAM at Industrie
  • Delcam will demonstrate the latest releases of its FeatureCAM feature-based CAM system and its Delcam for SolidWorks integrated CAM system for SolidWorks on stand 5N61at the Industrie exhibition to be held in Paris from 26th to 30th March.
  • By Financial News
  • Reliance readies for ambitious 4G plan
  • RIL has completed field trials with equipment vendors such as Ericsson India Pvt. Ltd for the roll-out of commercial broadband services in the second half of 2012 and is now in talks with cable companies and broadcasters to push content on multiple fourth-generation (4G)-enabled devices, three persons familiar with the development said.
  • By Iavatar Digatl
  • Austin Dance Training Offers Many Summer Dance Camp Themes
  • Quality Austin dance training is offered at Synergydancestudio.com for all age groups from two years onwards. Enjoy dancing on suspended wood floors with wall to wall mirrors that enhance observation and dance form. Training is offered for a variety of dance types like Jazz, Tap, Hiphop and ballet as well as Pointe.
  • By Synergy Dance Studio
  • Online Body Armor Giant SafeguardArmor.com Releases Online Brochure
  • The lastest hype from safeguardarmor.com including a look at the importance of body armor in 2012 and the interested in body armor thats currently been generated around the world in different sectors. The projected sales for this year in the body armor industry are massive and safeguardarmor.com is very rapidly become the cheap body armor website online!
  • By Safeguardarmor.com
  • Electric Tiger Productions Announces New Website and Company Name
  • Upon deciding to use the new name, a new website was crafted to alleviate previous problems with the site and to simplify the overall design. The introduction of the new name, Electric Tiger Productions, reflects a broader range of customer needs that have developed over time. Beyond providing web design services, photography, video, and social media services have been added as well.
  • By Electric Tiger Productions