January 24, 2011 Latest News

  • The fourth Dutch Invoice Conference opens its doors on May 17, 2011
  • Payments Conference, and will experience a significant growth in visitors. On May 17, 2011 there will be the fourth Invoice conference and a new Payment conference. These events are the biggest in the Benelux on e-invoicing and invoice automation. We will experience a significant growth in visitors and end users will have free access to the largest event.
  • By Eei Platform
  • Knexus Announces Pre-Launch of K'nex-us Social Apps 3.0
  • New features in Knex-us Social Apps 3.0 include syndication with YouTube, HTML5 delivery, interactive calls to action content overlay, advanced Facebook integration such as F-Commerce, lead capture via Salesforce.com to help companies optimize online sales, accelerate decisions and encourage advocacy.
  • By Knexus
  • Desert Crest Launches New Phoenix Landscape Design Website
  • Changing the way that homeowners investigate Scottsdale and Phoenix landscaping companies is all part of the territory with internet and social media. Desert Crest Landscaping sees the value in this two way connection and strives to stay on top of today's Arizona landscaping consumer experience and interactivity with their new website design and social media involvement.
  • By Desert Crest Llc
  • Zonisphere to Co-Produce Latino Film Sojourner's Lament
  • New York-based entertainment company Zonisphere Media Group today announced it will partner with film director and screenwriter Cesar Vargas to co-produce Sojourner's Lament, the much-anticipated film about the harsh reality of Latinos in America, rarely and uniquely depicted from their own perspective rather than that of an outsider.
  • By Zonisphere Music Group
  • 2011 Golden Future 50+ Senior Expo Accepting Sponsors & Exhibitors
  • Participating Sponsors and Exhibitors will have the opportunity to meet face-to-face with hundreds of Ventura County & Santa Barbara County Seniors, Caregivers, and Industry Professionals. Attendees will enjoy a diverse range of exhibitors, entertainment, health screenings, a mini job fair, and informative educational seminars with the goal of helping seniors manage.
  • By Golden Future Expos