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  • theONswitch team is a bright and timeless crew, led by Nancy A. Shenker, a 50-something marketing- and digital media-savvy woman. She has worked at the C-level of big brand companies and helped 100s of small businesses prosper.

    theONswitch is inspired every day by digitally-fluent marketing associates, who know exactly which buttons to push and how to reach the masses.
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  • Armonk Woman Launches High-Tech Way to "Bust the Binge"
  • The Skinny Jeans Diet for anyone who wants to live thin and thrive in a world of food while staying skinny. Lyssa holds a degree in nutrition from Columbia University and was a staff nutritionist at St. Lukes- Roosevelt Hospital VanItallie Center for Nutrition and Weight Management in New York City. She is a weight-management and obesity specialist and the owner of Skinny Jeans Nutrition.
  • June 27, 2015