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    With six solo albums, four Grammy nominations, over twenty years in the music industry and launching his own record label one thing certain about R&B Superstar Eric Benét, he has succeeded on holding on to his own style without being phased by the new trends when it comes to his music, he certainly is one of the artists that keeps his integrity at a maximum level in a very "demanding" music industry and he never sacrifices his music in order to sell records.

    With his upcoming album "The One" it was a pleasure interviewing such a gifted artist like Eric Benét.

    What inspired you for the new album "The One"?

    EB: It is titled "The One", 'cause I have been in a twenty-year career, dreaming. hoping and praying that one day to be able to have my own record label and one day to be able to release my own music and other music. Finally after all these years this release is the one. This is the one that I feel like I am on the top of my game, musically, creatively, vocally I am in complete control of the project: It shows the diversity of musicianship.

    Do you feel even more challenged since you have your own record label? What are the positives and the negatives of having your own label?

    EB: Being an artist at another record label, as long as it was somebody else's label, as long as somebody else had to give the final creative approval before that record was released. You know that is not creative control to me, having my own label creatively I just feel like, I can spread my wings and give my audience the most pure, the most direct, creative representation of myself musically,now that's on the positive category. As negative, I don't even want to say negative, more like challenge in another category (Laughs), now that it is my record label, with that I got to write checks, I have to come up with the money to do quite a few things like the video or for the marketing. I welcome that challenge, the benefits out-weigh the challenges. By far it is an empowering situation. At the end of the day when the project is released, it is music and masters that I own, other than music that I recorded on Warner Brothers, they own that music now. Ownership motivates you.

    What's the story behind your new single Real Love! By The way Loved the video?

    EB: Thank you! Real Love is inspired by the relationship that I have with my wife. It's about having a love that comes from wisdom, growth and maturity. Sometimes we listen love songs that are all about fairy tale romance and sometimes we are not ready for that, we might still need some growing to do as an individual before we can give or receive that kind of love. For me what "Real Love" represents being evolved, by having enough life experiences to really know what it takes to make something so beautiful, a lot of it is work, a lot of it is cherishing what you have and nurturing it. Finding something real and making it last and that is pretty much the inspiration behind the song.

    Have you decided on the next single Eric?

    EB: Now that the recording process is finished myself, my management company, Primary Wave, and my distribution company EMI Capital Records, are listening to all the songs and trying to decide.

    How do you compare the overseas fans to US fans?

    EB: Seems like at the overseas is the emphasis on your sound or how the instrument is being played, it seems like here in the States, the emphasis is more on the celebrity or the sensationalism than the actual substance on what that artist is actually representing.

    What's your secret for being around for over 20 years in this industry?

    EB: That is an excellent question, I think: authenticity. I have never been an artist that tries to keep up with the trends. Over the past twenty years, there have been many trends. Hot producers that come and go. Hot artists that come and go. I have never been the kind of artist that said that beat, that groove is hot right now, let me find that producer so I can get him on my record. I authentically fell in love with a certain style, I guess enrichment, production and craftsmanship when it comes to R&B since I was a little boy. Every time I go in to the studio I want to have the goose bumps first time I heard Quincy Jones record, Michael Jackson or Earth Wind and Fire record. When I look back, that music versus the music of today, music today is great and very exciting but it is not as emotional as the music from back in the day. That has been my barometer, I think I have a better shot at having stamina and having something classic and that is my standard. I think that is the reason that I am able to sustain my career as long as I have.

    Are you inspired by any of the new artists that are around?

    EB: Yes there are a few. Legacy: I think she is brilliant. I really like Mike Ocean, I like where he is coming from. There is talent, there is hope

    Any last words to your fans?

    EB: I would like to extend my utmost gratitude and thanks for allowing me to make my music, for allowing me to sing over the years. "The One" CD that will come out in May I am sure you will appreciate it and it is my way of saying "Thank you" once again.

    In the age of Auto Tune and advanced studio technology, Eric Benét might just be the answer for those who seek a pure & organic sound that they can feel touching their hearts and soul for many years to come.

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