celum SYNERGY Revolutionized Enterprise Digital Asset Management

Top Quote celum SYNERGY is a game changer in Enterprise Digital Asset Management and bridges the gap between traditional DAM and ECM. celum SYNERGY is Rich Enterprise Content Management - the first and only of its kind. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) June 05, 2011 - During the celum SUMMIT (May 16 - 20 2011), celum SYNERGY was unveiled to a full house in the new ARK 1 Research and Development Center auditorium, giving SUMMIT participants a sneak peek of the brand new, rich content management platform before the official June 1st release date. celum SYNERGY - which celum CEO Michael J. Kraeftner has deemed "the revolution in Digital Asset Management" - will complete the company's offering, which includes the time-tested, leading Enterprise DAM solution celum IMAGINE.

    With rich digital content, (meaning images, presentations, Video, Audio, 3D and other similar formats) on the rise, digital asset management (DAM) reaches far beyond marketing and creative teams and impacts organization-wide workflows. From content generation to delivery and usage control, enterprise digital asset management (eDAM) is at the core of the
    digital supply chain, spanning departments and even divisions within a single or between multiple organizations. A truly next generation DAM system like celum SYNERGY is built to solve such challenges out of the box, with a special focus on seamless integration with strategic corporate information systems.

    The celum research and development team had been working on celum SYNERGY and the underlying technology "stingray" for over three years prior to its unveiling. According to celum CEO Michael J. Kraeftner, "celum SYNERGY brings unparalleled innovation to the realm of content and metadata management, connectivity, user interface, and scalability."

    With celum SYNERGY, celum stresses its commitment to user-friendliness and an unparalleled user interface. The realization of functions like "slider", which eliminates unnecessary dialogues, the extended zoom from any angle, and the simple execution of permanent background processes brings the user experience to a new level.

    The core of any digital asset management system is the metadata repository, which structures elements and access rights.
    Because a rich content management platform has to manage a wide variety of different media assets and content types, a classification in asset types allows one to easily assign relevant metadata to any asset: product images have to be tagged with different information than event pictures; sales presentations require different metadata than marketing collaterals, demonstration videos, or 3-D illustrations.
    Referencing information fields allow the context sensitive tagging of assets from internal structures. For example, there needs to be a difference if a country is assigned to an asset as "production country" or as "target market".
    Furthermore, structure nodes are classified by the types of metadata the node can carry. With this functionality, a tree represents a full "product structure", "marketing projects", "press releases", "simple keywords", "folders", "collections" or any other type of relevant structure in the customer's business.

    Features like permission and information inheritance, single storage of assets, which are linked to various structures and validation levels for more flexibility and control over metadata validation, and many more complete the powerful asset repository functions.

    Don't search...Find! The Finder concept with multi-faceted search aspects is the key to success for system users. Just start typing your question and get the answer before you're done. Simple mode or complex search query... use it as you need it.

    Technology-wise, celum SYNERGY is designed for ultimate performance, scalability, and flexibility. It consists of separate applications for search, storage, and conversion servers, all of which are intended to be vertically and horizontally scalable. celum SYNERGY grows with demand!
    The conversion server ships with a broad set of connectors to standard (open source and commercial) conversion engines, and the converter cartridge system allows for a simple implementation of connectors with other specific converters.

    A huge leap forward is the built-in workflow management including a digital asset specific, default workflow components library. Its intuitive use takes complexity out of the equation for end-users. It allows the management of complex enterprise workflows, including strict approval or order processes as well as ad-hoc workflows for quick tasks in daily work.

    Based on the industry standard BPMN 2.0, it is easily integrated into existing enterprise workflow engines.

    With SYNERGY, celum solidifies its place as one of the leading technology providers worldwide.
    Erich Mahringer, celum product strategy manager, underlines: "Many new features and discrete processes contribute to increased workday efficiency. A clearly structured 'dock' comprised of up- and download baskets as well as a clipboard make the most important functionalities continuously accessible. It also provides a suitable platform for 3rd party integrations and system extensions."

    About celum:
    celum is the leading software company for enterprise digital asset management solutions. Our products automate and accelerate communication, marketing and sales processes, reducing costs and helping our customers achieve greater flexibility in day-to-day operations. Over 500,000 users, from more than 500 companies in 31 countries, rely on celum software to deliver efficiency in digital asset management.

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