'Renewed Demonstration of Political Will at the Global Level Needed for Preservation of Environment'- IIMSAM Goodwill Ambassador Dr. Naseer Homoud

Top Quote IIMSAM Middle East Director & Goodwill Ambassador Dr. Naseer Homoud message on World Environment Day. He urged for strong and effective action at the international level for conservation of environment and maintained that for accomplishing all 8 UNMDGs preservation of the environment is a must precondition. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) June 05, 2011 - Commemorating the World Environment Day Dr. Naseer Homoud, Goodwill Ambassador and Director of Middle East office for the Intergovernmental Institution for the use of Micro-algae Spirulina against Malnutrition (IIMSAM), the Intergovernmental Observer to the United Nations Economic and Social Council said "climate change is a major concern for people all over the world. We can already see the impacts and people don't want to leave the problems for their children and grandchildren to deal with. It is high time to pledge for protecting the nature". He called today for greater urgency and ambition in international negotiations on a new global climate agreement, warning that it represents the world's last chance to prevent climate change from reaching dangerous levels. "Urgent and ambitious global action is therefore imperative if we are to prevent dangerous climate change that threatens to cause enormous human suffering, undermine economic progress and poverty reduction, and trigger potentially catastrophic environmental changes", he added.

    He further went on to call for strong and effective action at the international level "already new types of problems have emerged on which action is needed: On trade and the environment, on environmental security, on food security, on nuclear safety, on increasing scarcity of fresh water, on the more efficient use of resources. Environmental issues are becoming new foreign policy issues. In these discussions, we should give a strong lead and send a clear message to the rest of the world and other stakeholders". He urged "what is now needed is a renewed demonstration of political will at the global level to progress for the sake of our children and grandchildren. We at IIMSAM are committed to giving a new momentum to strengthening of the environmental and social objectives. The world has to develop an effective process of sustainable development if we are to protect our environment and ensure our future economic and social development".

    The Goodwill Ambassador urged that reversal of the destruction in the environment constitutes the great moral, political and economic challenge of our era. He said "this demands the consolidation of an environmental and cultural conscience, individually and collectively, as well as the activation of society in its entirety. It demands a new way of thinking. It also demands that we place the interest of future generations above the short-term cost of our immediate action. It demands that we place the interests of those we possess nothing above the interests of those who possess so much. It demands vigilance and continuous struggle: a struggle for the right to the environment."

    Maintaining that environment protection is not only one of the eights Millennium Development Goals as set by United Nations but also a major prerequisite for accomplishing other goals Dr. Homoud said "speeding progress towards the MDGs will require stepping up attention to and investment in the environment. Investing in sound and equitable environmental management makes good economic sense, and a major scaling-up of worldwide investment in the environment is essential for creating the opportunities that people need to lift themselves out of poverty". He further went on to say "the relationship between the environment and human well-being goes beyond the environmental sustainability goal. Dealing with extreme hunger, health, and gender equality, for example, relies also on effective allocation and management of natural resources".

    Highlighting the importance and relevance of Spirulina Dr. Homoud said "cultivation of Spirulina has its own advantages in today's times of global warming and climate change as its ecological cultivation does not cause pollution, soil erosion, water contamination or forest destruction, and is efficient as far as land use, water use, land occupation and energy consumption are concerned, making Spirulina production to maintain resource advantages over conventional foods".

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