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  • DesiDieter Introduces Virtual Therapy for Heart Patients
  • Heart is a hardworking muscle that beats almost a billion times in a day. It requires a lot of care and love. DesiDieter offers you a special package for heart patients. Take privilege of specially prepared diet for heart patients by DesiDieter experts. Take your first step towards a lighter, happier and healthier life.
  • By Desidieter - July 26, 2011
  • DesiDieter Introduces Virtual Therapy For Diabetic Patients
  • Enter the world of fitness and nutrition through our Diabetes Care and Heart Care Packages!!! Lose weight and become fit even if you are a diabetic or heart patient. Diabetes is more than just controlling your blood sugar. It requires thorough management and dietary as well exercise therapy. DesiDieter Diabetes Care Package is scientifically tailored to provide diet for diabetics and lots more.
  • By Desidieter - July 12, 2011