November 30, 2018 Latest News

  • ASTPP Launched Crowdfunding Campaign
  • The open source VoIP billing solution ASTPP launched the Crowdfunding campaign to collect funds which can be used to support ongoing activities performed for the ASTPP.
  • By Astpp
  • The largest decentralized platform for travelers in Bali is preparing for ICO
  • Uzoma is a platform where any traveler can immediately, in just 1 minute, choose the perfect accommodation, book a car, book a tour, check out the local restaurant and bars lists and learn about famous and most interesting sights. In addition, the application first-hand and without fees allow you to significantly reduce your travel expenses due to the lack of commissions and intermediaries.
  • By Uzoma Token
  • MakeWebBetter is now HubSpot Premier Integration Partner
  • Being Certified Integration Partner of HubSpot, MakeWebBetter is one step-up with HubSpot Premier Integration. Since, Feb 2018, MakeWebBetter is making continuous efforts in optimizing the eCommerce business trends. A few days back, a new feat is added with HubSpot as HubSpot Premier Integration Partner with 650+ active installs of HubSpot WooCommerce Integration via HubSpot Connect Marketplace.
  • By Makewebbetter