November 10, 2017 Latest News

  • XS CAD Community Service at St. Catherine's Home
  • The XS CAD family collected and donated food, stationery and hygiene products to orphaned girls (as young as babies and as old as 19) at St. Catherine’s Home, Andheri West, Mumbai, during the 9 days of the ‘Navratri Festival’, celebrated annually in India.
  • By Xs Cad
  • Phygital, A Reality That Is More And More Social
  • During the last years, we have seen how the boundaries between the physical and the digital have vanished, giving way to the "phygital" movement. A trend that extends to all types of industries. What will be the next step? Introducing Phygital Social Games.
  • By Muquo
  • RBI to head the P2P lending firms in India
  • Presently all the Peer-to-peer loaning platforms in India will be under the control and directions of Reserve Bank of India, a newspaper notice from the Indian government expressed this on Wednesday. The warning adequately affirmed that all the enlisted Peer-to-peer platforms will be presently perceived under the working of RBI.
  • By P2peasy