August 14, 2013 Latest News

  • Hungarian sensation, pop star, singer, songwriter and composer ZOLI is mounting worldwide. After building an acclaimed career both on stage and behind the scenes, ZOLI included his fans in his series of English lyric singles. The first single is available on iTunes on this week.
  • By Z Music Records
  • Life Designed Announce the Launch of Their New Website
  • Life Designed is a professional coaching service that can help people find clarity, purpose and direction in all areas of life. Lead by founder and principle coach Melinda Black, Life Designed coaching sessions are designed to fit around busy schedules so are primarily conducted over landline or Skype saving clients on travel time and enabling them to enjoy the comfort of their own surrounds.
  • By Melinda Black
  • ITC Infotech's Pioneering Solution Uses Data to Predict Future Fashion Trends
  • In a first of its kind IT invention, the fashion industry can now look forward to utilizing IT services to predict future developments. ITC Infotech, a global IT services and solutions company, has launched Style Performance Analytics (SPA) to cater specifically to the requirements of the fashion industry. Combining product attribute information from Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) tools with transactional data from Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, SPA uses Business Intelligence (BI) tools to discover the styles and attributes that are most popular with customers. This allows designers to predict trends and design as per market need.
  • By Itc Infotech
  • Romani Gypsy Songstress Delilah Launches UK Radio Campaign for New Single Love Life
  • Delivering timeless vocals reminiscent of legendary jazz artists, Delilah sings from her enchanted Gypsy soul, spinning tales and delivering the history of the Roma in the modern world with the release of "Sweeter Life." Heavy-hitting producers on the album include Vikter Duplaix, Marcus Kane, Rane Parish, Lemoyne Alexander, and Dave Sereny. Featured artists include the Stevie Wonder rhythm section of Nathan Watts and Stanley Randolph.
  • By Web N Retail