June 16, 2016 Latest News

  • Warspear Online: 8 years of conflict
  • AIGRIND released 5.8 "Dragon's ritual", an update for cross-platform multiplayer online RPG Warspear Online. There will be a great celebration in this update dedicated to game's 8th birthday. Players will be able to revisit their beloved holiday islands; Horror Circus and Snow Boundary. They will also be able to explore the ice valleys of mysterious Borea.
  • By Aigrind
  • Top Award For Young Firm
  • The title of European Tax Innovator of the Year was won at this year's highly-regarded European Tax Awards of International Tax Review by eBiz Answers, the company set up by CEO Andrew Bohnet in 2012, to provide the most complete end to end indirect tax solution on any Oracle platform.
  • By Ebiz Answers Ltd