Kiddie fiddler Andrew Drummond investigated by Royal Thai Police

Top Quote Fictional and trash talking scum of the earth journalist, Andrew Drummond is being investigated by Thai police after parents of a 11 year old Thai school girl said that Andrew Drummond was paying her 200 baht a time for giving him oral sex. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) June 16, 2016 - BANGKOK - The little girl said that he would buy her and her friends Cornetto's from 7-Eleven and then take them to his second apartment which is not known by his wife.

    The family of the little girl wants to remain anonymous until the investigation is concluded.

    Andrew Drummond, now back in the UK, claims he fled Bangkok after death threats to him and his children. Drummond has angered business people and businesses in Bangkok, mainly from expats who he has ruined by writing false articles in a deliberate attempt to collect as many back-hander's as possible.

    Andrew Drummond would operate by meeting his contact at one of Bangkok's many seedy entertainment districts and engage in conversation. His contact would tell Drummond to write some bad press about the desired person and Drummond would command a fee.

    So as you can imagine, Drummond was creating quite a stir in Bangkok. So receiving death threats could be a reason as to why he went back to the UK so suddenly, but isn't it pure coincidence that this investigation has come to surface regarding these young and innocent girls and Drummond heads back to the UK so quickly?

    Andrew Drummond claims to have many friends and he may have well been well connected too, but he also created many enemies with his deception. One of Drummond's former friends said that Drummond always used to make vulgar remarks about Thai school girls in uniform who were under the age of 15, saying he wanted to do various sexual things to these innocent, young girls.

    He quoted Andrew Drummond saying to him once "This is Thailand. I can do what I like here and nobody can touch me. Don't you just love Thailand?", and then he took one long hit on his meth pipe with a cheesy grin.

    One of Andrew Drummond's former closest friends who wants to remain anonymous after not wanting anything to do with him anymore said "At first I thought Andrew was a normal guy. But when I was around his house, his interaction with his children seemed odd. He was very touchy feely and used to touch his kids' private areas, which was very odd. I didn't say anything."

    "But when me and Andrew went out to Bangkok's entertainment areas, he was very aggressive towards the working girls. He would make them sit on his lap and touch them in inappropriate places. The working girls were obviously not comfortable with this as I could tell by the look on their faces. Then Andrew suggested we take the girl back and have a threesome with her. I wanted nothing to do with this. So I left him to it. But this was not a one-off, it was a weekly occurrence."

    "God knows how many girls he has done this to. They were barely 18 but Andrew Drummond likes them young. He often said to me in my ear when we were in the bars 'Would you look at that? I want to destroy her. The younger the better and you can groom these hotties to do whatever you like to you' and then he used to give an evil smile." After a few times, I stopped going out with him."

    "Andrew Drummond is a chain smoker, an alcoholic and he was addicted to meth and needed the money. Andrew himself told me that he would often be paid to write bad articles to oust the competition. Some of the stuff he wrote sounds pretty real and believable but that's probably the meth he was smoking as he said meth gave him inspiration to write the fictional and false articles."

    "I would like to know how many legitimate people and businesses he has ruined with his false articles. He ruined me and many, many others. I would not believe or read anything this guy says or writes. People like him should be exposed to the media. This is just the start. I cant believe people like him actually exist. Andrew Drummond is the absolute lowest form of life and should have just been a stain on the sofa.""

    The Royal Thai Police have been in contact with Scotland Yard and the Metropolitan Police and will look to take this further and expose his darkest secrets and put him behind bars, where he belongs.

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