May 27, 2017 Latest News

  • Brains of Colorado Improv Troupe to be Focus of Harvard University Study
  • Improv comedians are a creative bunch. You might have seen them on stage as they quickly make sense out of a crazy idea. Or create a character out of thin air. You probably don't need a Harvard neuroscience study to tell you that the brain of an improviser is "different" than yours - but that's exactly what Harvard researchers are looking to prove with ExperienceYes.
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  • Latest Game from Bleeding Edge Studios: Survival Neighbor Escape Plan
  • Take part in an incredible show Hello with your neighbor. You have to survive angry neighbor in a dangerous game in which you - the victim. Hide from your friend, and avoid its pitfalls, looking for clues and try to get out of this maze. If you like to test yourself and are not afraid of the dark, this simulator exactly for you. Bleeding Edge Studio new offering for a ultimate fun and thrill.
  • By Bleeding Edge
  • 78 Year Old Lighting Company, Launches New Website
  • Ray-Lite Industries has been lighting the nation for 78 years. To celebrate the launch of their new mobile friendly website, they are offering Free Shipping on any order of their L.E.D products for your home and business. For more information visit the new website, or email:
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