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Top Quote The common factor is insulin deficiency or insulin resistant. Insulin fails to convert sugar from the food we eat to glucose or energy which our body uses and consumes. As a result, sugar in our blood increases, and we say "I have sugar." Let us find out what the top hospital for diabetic in Delhi, Saroj Super Specialty Hospital has to say! End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) May 25, 2016 - Saroj Super Speciality Hospital Organising Free Health Check-up Camp in association with Jan Kalyan Sewa Samiti , an NGO on May 29.

    Offerings: Random Blood Sugar | Blood Pressure ECG
    Consultation: Cardilogist | Orthopaedician

    Address~ DDA Market, PKT-4
    Sector-2, Rohini
    Date~ 29th may 2016, Sunday
    Time~ 9 Am- 1 Pm
    For any Querry call @ 8802528403

    Top Healthy Foods for Diabetic Person:
    "I have sugar," is a very common statement; that we hear people saying around us. A rough estimate is at least 400 million people are suffering from diabetesworldwide. It is a chronic and dreaded disease. It is a disease of the blood. As blood flows through every part of the living body, each and every part and organ is affected by this disease. It is only a matter of time which fails first. Your heart, brain, liver, kidney, hair, bones, limbs and seriously the total body start getting damaged.

    Medically the causes of diabetes are either hereditary, but this is only one tenth of the cases or lifestyle and food related. This accounts for ninety percent of the cases.

    The therapy is
    Supplement insulin by taking pills or injection.
    Reduce sugar intake.
    Burn as much fat or energy by exercise, yoga, and physical activity.

    Taking insulin is amedicationthat goes on for a lifetime as per top hospital for diabetic in Delhi, which is a compulsion but not desirable. So let us concentrate on reducing intake and burning as much sugar as we can. This strategy would allow us to enjoy a healthy and happy life.

    The food that a diabetic eats is very important. There are lots of delicious natural foods that a diabetic can take. Medically the food should have low glycemic (GI) index. High GI foods raise blood sugar more than a Low GI food. So a diabetic should try to eat low or medium GI food.

    Top hospital for diabetic in Delhi state few of the natural, coarse and not processed foods a diabetic should eat are brown rice, whole grain wheat, yam, barley, oats. Soya, muesli, green peas, sweet potato, sweet corn, carrot, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, chilies, spinach, lettuce, tomato, onions, apples, berries, grapefruit, plums, orange, prunes, beans, fat-free milk, and yogurt.So, friends, nature is flooded with delicious foods that a diabetic can eat and enjoy.

    Eating gives energy.This energy should be used in our activity and stored in permissible quantity in our body. Top hospital for diabetic in Delhi have proven that's why we need to do exercise and other physical activity to consume this energy. Else energy in the form of fat get stored in our body excessively, and we get fat leading to obesity, high blood sugar, and all deadly diseases. Do brisk walking early morning followed by yoga or exercise regularly and strictly;if you are in a sedentary job, do this for a long duration daily. It is a cashless therapy in areal sense.

    Eating and exercise you can do it yourself say the top hospital for diabetic in Delhi - Saroj Super Specialty Hospital; but expert advice is always beneficial. To control, diabetes take advice of the best diabetic hospital in Delhi like Saroj Hospital.I have unfolded the secret of a healthy, happy life for a diabetic; follow it and enjoy.

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