May 18, 2017 Latest News

  • Exablaze and Solarflare Resolve Patent Dispute
  • The ongoing patent dispute between Exablaze Pty. Ltd and Solarflare Communications Ltd. has been resolved. The resolution is in the form of a commercial agreement and both sides have withdrawn from continued legal action or further patent challenges. "Both parties can now get on and compete in the marketplace, rather than in the courts," says Exablaze Chairman, Dr Greg Robinson.
  • By Exablaze
  • Insecure websites are exposed by Mixed Content Checker 2.0
  • After converting an online presence from HTTP to the secure HTTPS protocol, webmasters to date have been confronted with major problems. There was great danger of overlooking individual fragments of the HTTP protocol. This constantly resulted in "mixed content". This meant that the website continued to remain vulnerable to external attacks. "Mixed Content Checker" detects these sources of error.
  • By Internet Marketing Service
  • Facebook Spy App for all apparatus
  • Facebook is the social network, amongst others, that's an immediate effect on the performance of both workers in businesses and pupils in schools. The wealth of time undermines their operation they spend on being on Facebook, so becoming diverted from their direct responsibilities. Some professional firms offered specific applications which help Track Facebook action to solve this dilemma.
  • By Facebook Spy Apps