May 04, 2013 Latest News

  • Equatorial Guinea to award more blocks
  • H.E. Gabriel M Obiang Lima, Minister of Mines, Industry & Energy, Equatorial Guinea has confirmed he will be making vital announcements about the next blocks that will be put up for offer at the annual EG Gas Conference in Malabo, June 12-13, 2013.
  • By The Cwc Group
  • Bulgin's Buccaneer(R) connectors now rated to IP69K
  • The popular Buccaneer range of advanced waterproof power and data connectors from Bulgin - an Elektron Technology connectivity brand - has been independently rated to IP69K - DIN 40050-9, further extending the potential applications of this robust circular connector range.
  • By Elektron
  • Stingray offers The KARAOKE Channel on Ziggo's Music VOD services
  • Stingray Digital, an innovative Montreal-based provider of music services for multi-channel operators, announced today the launch of The KARAOKE Channel on Ziggo's Music VOD services. Ziggo is the largest cable operator in the Netherlands. As of today, Ziggo's TV extra subscribers have access to a selection of great karaoke videos.
  • By Stingray Digital
  • AVAD Adds bCODA Jak USB Streaming Device to Lineup
  • AVAD LLC, a custom electronics provider now offers dealers access to the bCODA Jak, a portable content streaming device for Android-based smartphones and tablets. The wireless plug-and-play tool connects to any device with a USB port. Share music, photos & videos, presentations and other data onto a computer, a large screen television or projector, or even through a mobile entertainment system.
  • By Avad Llc
  • Kids embrace an active lifestyle with Supersport@SPRING
  • Children naturally have a lot of extra energy, but teaching them how to use it in a directed manner can be tricky. This, combined with the somewhat limited number of open spaces in Hong Kong, can mean your child won't have regular opportunities to run around and play with other kids. That's why SPRING offers specialized classes that help little ones get rid of their pent up energy while making friends and having tons of fun!
  • By Prda
  • Bush Library Opening Brings Opportunities for Dallas, SMU
  • Based on attendance figures from other presidential libraries, the George W. Bush Presidential Center is expected to attract 250,000 to 300,000 visitors annually, according to guests on the most-recent edition of the KRLD 1080 AM "Pulse of the City" radio show, sponsored by the Dallas law firm Munck Wilson Mandala.
  • By Androvett Legal Media
  • Rumbler Supercar Concept Design Unleashed
  • British technology innovator & designer Michael Bond, releases latest concept designs for Rumbler Sport Tank, high performance luxury, armoured supercar, inspired by Batmobile from Dark Knight movies.
  • By Bondevzone