April 19, 2024 Latest News

  • Webnexs Launches Instant Ecommerce Development Solution for Entrepreneurs
  • Webnexs has unveiled a cutting-edge quick e-commerce development solution designed with business owners in mind. With the help of this new service, business owners can quickly begin their e-commerce projects and create an online presence. Entrepreneurs can quickly and effectively construct fully functional online businesses by utilizing cutting-edge technology and user-friendly tools with Webnexs
  • By Webnexs
  • Biz4Group Enhances Recruitment Efficiencies with Advanced AI Solutions
  • Biz4Group, an innovative software development and digital transformation leader based in Orlando, FL, has announced its enhanced AI Recruitment Solutions designed to revolutionize hiring processes. As a chatbot development company, Biz4Group's AI-driven solutions automate key recruitment tasks like candidate screening and interview scheduling.
  • By Biz4group Llc