April 17, 2024 Latest News

  • It’s just a bag, until you put your medication inside…
  • MedActiv has just released the iCool MediCube ULTRA, which is a breakthrough in technology, keeping fragile medication between 2 and 8°C for over 42 hours. The iCool MediCube ULTRA allows users to cross the world, knowing that their medication is kept at exactly the right temperature.
  • By Medactiv
  • Morpher Introduces Football Markets, Expanding Unique Trading Opportunities
  • Morpher, the innovative trading platform known for its pioneering approach to financial markets, has made an exciting addition to its repertoire: soccer markets. This groundbreaking feature allows fans to invest in some of the world's most iconic football clubs, demonstrating Morpher's ability to transform diverse assets into tradable markets.
  • By Morpher