April 02, 2014 Latest News

  • Funkyflick Launches New Recommendation Engine for Movies
  • One of the biggest problems facing movie lovers today is trying to figure out what to watch. With movie streaming services like Netflix, Amazon and iTunes offering a seemingly endless assortment of films, it can be overwhelming just trying to figure out what movies appeal to your interests. FunkyFlick was created to solve that problem.
  • By Funkyflick
  • Citywealth Magic Circle Awards 2014
  • We are pleased to share that Altamount Capital Management has been nominated for the third time for the prestigious 'Citywealth Magic Circle Awards 2014' in the category "Asian Manager of the Year".
  • By Self Employed
  • UBIFRANCE Showcases Innovative French Players At Infosecurity 2014
  • The French Trade Commission UBIFRANCE in London will present nine innovative companies on the French Pavilion at the Infosecurity trade show, which will take place in central London (UK), from 29 April to 1 May 2014. These French-based companies will showcase their proven expertise in IT security, covering both products and services.
  • By Ubifrance Uk
  • MergerTech Announces That BBVA-Simple Acquisition Is Now Closed
  • In a move that reveals what the bank of the future will look like, MergerTech has announced that its client Simple, a highly innovative Portland based firm that delivers consumer banking and financial services via smart-mobile devices, has been acquired for $117 million in an all cash deal by international banking powerhouse BBVA. The previously announced deal closed today.
  • By Mergertech