March 21, 2020 Latest News

  • International Nutrition Research Conference
  • We cordially invite you to the International Nutrition Research conference during November 19-21, 2020 at Rome, Italy. We would be honored to have your presence. Share your knowledge of nutrition with experts, researchers, scientists and nutritionists. You can be benefited both personally and professionally by updating your knowledge at Nutrition 2020.
  • By Magnus Group
  • Extreme Canopy Releases Medical Isolation Tent for COVID-19
  • Suspected individuals showing the novel coronavirus COVID-19’s symptoms need to be quarantined in an isolation tent. The standard pop-up tents don’t cut it out, because they’re not sealable, and cannot be quickly inflated. Extreme Canopy has designed the EM-C19 fast deployment isolation modules that are compact, lightweight, and feature two modules for the patients and medical staff.
  • By Extreme Canopy
  • Reagan Lancaster Launches Website
  • Reagan Lancaster is the CEO of SourceTap, Tige Investments, and Intellect Software and the owner of Lancaster Ranch. He is also a competitive bodybuilder with 10 NPC national qualifications in Bodybuilding and Classic Physique.
  • By Reagan Lancaster