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  • Award-winning site helps others living with total knee replacement and other health conditions feel less alone. Operated by a patient for a patient. Currently has over 700K international readers. Owner/operator is Patient Leader for WEGO Health.

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  • Announcing New EBook Titled My 45 Years of Living With Double Vision
  • Sharing news about the publishing of an informative, first hand experience of living with a vision condition known as diplopia - otherwise known as double vision. This book is written by a patient for a patient. As the title states, the author - Marie Buckner - has been dealing with seeing two of everything for 45 years. Her experiences are shared in an attempt to help others feel less alone.
  • Marie Buckner, owner/operator of award-winning Booktoots' Healing, is proud to announce the new release of her ebook titled “My 45 Years Of Living Wit ...
  • May 23, 2020
  • New Book Titled “Water Exercises for TKR Patients” Helps Mobility-Impaired People Improve Health
  • New book focuses on tested and true hydrotherapy maneuvers that makes living with mobility issues, including a total knee replacement, easier and healthier. Exercises developed by an award-winning tkr patient who is a Patient Leader for WEGO Health. Written by a patient for a patient. Book is available in various formats to suit many reading needs.
  • Marie Buckner, owner/operator of the popular online site known as Booktoots' Healing, is pleased to announce the release of her new book titled “Water ...
  • March 11, 2019