February 22, 2022 Latest News

  • The NEW Lily Ann Cabinets App Is Live
  • Design your dream kitchen or bathroom on the go. Explore design options and chat with a professional without ever having to leave your couch! Our mobile app is free to download on the Android or Apple App Store.
  • By Lily Ann Cabinets
  • Milton Blinds Celebrates 15 Years
  • This year marks the 15th anniversary of Milton Blinds opening for business. Milton Blinds serves within and around the Halton Region and is proud of this significant milestone. The 2020 Readers' Choice recipient for "Best Window Coverings and Drapery" has been faithful to itself and the wonderful community it serves from the very beginning.
  • By Milton Blinds
  • Minority Co-Founders plan to eliminate toilet seat covers for good
  • Washie start up co-founders, Rob Poleki & Dane Simmons, launch the Washie Toilet Seat. They are the first to infiltrate the industry with this invention. Their toilet seats have been installed in Airports, Hospitals, Arenas, Convention Centers, office spaces and are in negotiations with NBA arenas. 3 easy steps to a cleaner public restroom experience eliminating paper toilet seat covers forever.
  • By Washie