Owners of premium and luxury cars are increasingly leaving megacities and moving to the countryside

Top Quote Technological progress and improvement of transport infrastructure have led to the fact that for successful self-realization. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) February 22, 2022 - Technological progress and improvement of transport infrastructure have led to the fact that for successful self-realization it is not necessary to constantly live in megacities, the features of which are constant stress and poor ecology.

    AVTODOM Group specialists conducted a study aimed at forming a portrait of the average owner of premium and luxury car. They interviewed 800 customers aged 18 to 65 who regularly use the services of the company's Moscow and St. Petersburg dealerships. They invited the Respondents to answer several questions, including preferences when choosing a place of residence.

    According to the results of the survey, a significant part of Muscovites and St. Petersburg residents who own a premium or luxury car lives outside of metropolitan areas. The share of such car owners in the total structure of surveyed customers of AVTODOM Group dealerships located in Moscow was 43%, and in St. Petersburg – 47% in December 2021.

    According to the data received, among the clients of AVTODOM Group, who chose to move to the Moscow region, car owners over 60 years old prevail. 54% of respondents who chose the Moscow region as their permanent place of residence belong to this category. The share of Muscovites aged 40 to 60 accounted for 23% of the total number of AVTODOM Group clients who moved out of city. Owners of premium and luxury cars, whose age is in the range of 30-45 years, close the top three. Slightly more than 16% of them decided to leave the metropolis. At the same time, young people do not want to leave the capital, only 7% of respondents aged 18 to 35 reported moving. In St. Petersburg these figures are 50%, 25%, 17% and 8% respectively.

    The desire to live in a safer ecological and sanitary-epidemiological environment is becoming the key reason that encourages car owners to leave urban agglomerations. According to Lenta.ru, 45 million Russian families have a positive attitude towards living in a country house. The increase in the number of AVTODOM Group customers who moved to the Moscow region and the Leningrad Region is fully consistent with the domestic Russian trend of changing their permanent place of residence from the metropolis to the suburbs, which has intensified against the backdrop of the COVID-19. 93.6% and 96.8% of respondents own real estate in these regions.

    Transport infrastructure in Russia is gradually improves. It has become the next factor that simplifies life outside the city. So, according to RBC, about 78 km new road facilities are built in the Moscow region every year and the existing ones are updated. This process has a positive effect on transport accessibility in the region. The time required to travel to Moscow and back is decreasing. A similar situation is observed in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region. The desire of Russians to live outside of Moscow and St. Petersburg is also due to the absence of the need for trips tied to a certain time. 24.5% of respondents of AVTODOM Group work remotely. The presence of a rolling schedule and the absence of reference to a specific location is typical for this form of employment.

    As noted earlier, most of the clients of AVTODOM Group chose their own cottage (57%) as a new place of residence. 22% of respondents prefer townhouses. Residential complexes in small towns in the Moscow and Leningrad regions took the third line in the list of places to live. 15% of customers chose them. The remaining 6% of respondents declined to comment. The presence of sufficient parking space for large vehicles encourages car owners to purchase SUVs and premium crossovers. These allow you to comfortably move on dirt roads and on highways. If you have your own suburban area, the car owner can also place a charging station for an electric car on it. This advantage of suburban life was noted by AVTODOM customers who own this type of car, 5% of all respondents.

    According to the study, owners of premium and luxury cars prefer to move from metropolitan areas to the suburbs for several reasons. First, the factor of health care, which plays a significant role for car owners of mature age, becomes the main incentive for moving. Secondly, the improvement of transport infrastructure allows you to quickly get to Moscow or St. Petersburg. Thirdly, a client who lives outside the city can place a charger for electric cars on his site. Thus, owners of premium and luxury cars appreciate the benefits of living outside the big cities.

    “Our customers value personal space and freedom of action, no matter what car they own. For this reason, they prefer to leave busy metropolitan areas for the city. There they have sufficient opportunities to realize their life aspirations, thanks to modern technologies”, – the press service of the AVTODOM Group noted.

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