Specialty Answering Service Responds to Hurricane Irene

Top Quote Telephone answering service stays open to keep businesses operating during category 1 hurricane hitting the east coast. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) August 28, 2011 - Specialty Answering Service, a multi location National Call Center has responded to Hurricane Irene, and the havoc that she has wreaked through the eastern portion of the United States. Specialty has locations in Florida, North Carolina, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts. While every east coast call center has been threatened by Irene, none have been majorly affected by the storm. The mere threat of a hurricane striking an answering service is cause for concern. Specialty was forced to deal with examining their emergency plans, should one (or more) of their locations need to close due to an emergency.

    Specialty has dealt with hurricane before in the past. With three Florida locations, this issue has come up several times in the past. Yet, Hurricane Irene is the only time in recent memory that multiple locations have been put in harm's way. With a hurricane emergency preparedness plan in place, Specialty is able to smoothly and seamlessly use other locations to share the burden of any call center that needs to be closed due to weather emergencies. Yet, the threat of Hurricane Irene caused for a change in their answering service emergency recovery plan.

    Instead of having to prepare to close one location, Hurricane Irene threatened eleven different call centers. Specialty team members not only had to prepare a plan for what to do if all call centers were to be affected; they also had to come up with a unique plan based on the possible combinations of locations closing. Fortunately, the brunt of the storm has passed by several of the Specialty Answering Service locations, leaving them unscathed. With the storm continuing to leave devastation in its path, there is still a very strong possibility that the nationwide call center will have to act and utilize other locations to handle call volume of a closed answering service.

    Specialty Answering Service staff has been tracking the Hurricane non-stop. With an eye on the Television, the internet and a specialized iPhone ap dedicated to tracking Hurricane Irene. The company has continually followed the path and adjusted their plans based on what the anticipated outcome of the storm's path. Hurricane Irene started as a North Atlantic tropical storm that turned into a cyclone. The storm has inflicted a major amount of damage to Islands in the Caribbean; the storms force was felt in Florida and eventually made landfall in North Carolina, on the Eastern Coast of the United States.

    Specialty will continue to track and make adjustments based on the final outcome of the storm. In addition, after the damage of the storm is assessed, Specialty will reach out to businesses across the nations who have been affected adversely from Hurricane Irene. With power outages, phone line issues and damages to business infrastructure, many individuals are in jeopardy of losing their livelihood. Specialty will offer many businesses answering service at no cost as a way to watch out for fellow small business owners. Hurricane Irene will eventually be gone, but the damage that it leaves behind may take years to recover.

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