Hays Medical Center Uses Xangati to Support VDI Environment Growth of 400 Percent in 2015

Top Quote Xangati Network and VDI Monitoring Tools Save Time and Support Both Existing and New Vendor Infrastructures for HaysMed. End Quote
  • (1888PressRelease) April 29, 2015 - Xangati, a service assurance analytics and infrastructure performance management software innovator, is helping Hays Medical Center (HaysMed) to support its forecasted 400-percent VDI environment growth expected in 2015. HaysMed is using the Xangati VDI solution to monitor performance at a per-VM level as they migrate machines to a new NetApp SAN. This allows HaysMed to see issues before users notice, and compare performance at a per-VM basis directly from the old SAN to the new SAN, saving them months of work and uncertainty.

    Prior to Xangati, the medical center had been relying mostly on user feedback, network traffic or application-level statistics to try to gain a comfort level. HaysMed has had a VDI environment for several years, and, as it started to expand, the center experienced significant performance issues in VDI, which are typically hard to troubleshoot.

    With Xangati, HaysMed can now see VDI sessions at a very granular level - right down to PCoIP session loss and latency. "Based on the information provided by the Xangati tool, HaysMed verified that we didn't have issues on the network or with the hosts or clients," said James Billinger, HaysMed systems engineering professional. "However, we seemed to have latency issues with PCoIP sessions proxied through a certain connection server. Once we removed PCoIP-proxy for our internal sessions and rebuilt the connection server for external, the problems disappeared. We'd spent weeks digging into this issue, but identified the root cause of the problem in a few days with Xangati."

    Over the last few months, HaysMed has added several new remote facilities. The center's EHR system is extremely latency-sensitive, so they typically purchase metro-Ethernet connections (low latency, but low bandwidth) to these sites. "In the past, we've monitored these links with Cacti or similar generic tools, so we could see when utilization on the metro reached a point that would cause issues for end-users. We could see it happening, but finding the cause would often take us hours - if we were able to find it at all. We started terminating the metro connections to our new sites with NetFlow-capable firewalls, allowing us to feed the info back to Xangati, which can monitor the link itself or the entire remote site in real-time at a per-session basis. Now, when we see utilization on one of these links spike, we pull up Xangati and find out immediately what caused the issue ," said Billinger.

    "An effective VDI performance monitoring solution for healthcare ideally must have robust, holistic data capture capabilities, multi-mode transmission and integration, and not least, medical-grade software dashboards for data visualization and decision-analysis calculations on-demand," said Atchison Frazer, VP-Marketing, Xangati. "Xangati is pleased to provide such a solution to HaysMed and dozens of other healthcare institutions."

    Hays Medical Center, based in Hays, Kansas, reported a total of 6,696 admissions and 173,321 outpatient procedures documented last year, while the medical group's specialty and rural health clinics accounted for more than 145,464 office visits. In addition the DeBakey Heart Institute had 2,374 admissions while the Dreiling/Schmidt Cancer Institute provided services to 2,580 patients.

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