Dissolved Air Flotation Enhancement Process Shows Significant Evolution

Top Quote Suspended Air Beats Dissolved Air Flotation in Water Treatment. End Quote
  • Fresno, CA (1888PressRelease) July 14, 2012 - Heron Innovators contends their Suspended Air® Flotation (SAF™) to be a superior method of treating wastewater compared to Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF). The SAF™ method features bubbles generated externally and containing higher air content than the dissolved air used in the DAF method. Additionally, only the Heron water treatment method employs a chemically-active film.

    Suspended Air® Flotation is the latest in a line of flotation treatments and incorporates all past improvements to date. According to Heron Innovators, SAF™ is a more advanced method of solids removal than DAF in the following ways: more flexibility, removes more solids, less costly and requires less operating space.

    Small and large treatment plants alike find Heron's Suspended Air® Emulsion Generators an efficient way to replace their DAF flotation treatments. SAF™ is suitable for both municipal and industrial wastewater treatment.

    According to Heron, part of the effectiveness of their Suspended Air® Flotation system is the chemical coating applied to the bubbles. While coagulating and flocculating chemicals provide an electric charge to floc in sewage water treatment, the bubbles generated by the Suspended Air® Emulsion Generators hold an opposite charge. Electrostatic attraction causes the floc to be attracted by and adhere to the bubbles allowing solids to be skimmed off the top of the water.

    Heron Innovations is proud of their continued efforts to improve sewage treatment. They are excited by their success in supplying increased capacity with smaller flotation tanks making water treatment less costly while requiring a smaller footprint. Another aspect of their SAF™ is the increased water retrieval via the dewatering of solids.

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