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  • Get fit one glass of water at a time with Carbodroid for Android
  • German based Westaflex today announced an update of Carbodroid for Android. This useful yet imaginative health app allows people to stay more fit by simply drinking the right amount of water everyday. The app uses a clever visually engaging android graphic that grows happier depending on how close users are to getting their daily recommended water intake.
  • By Westaflex - July 14, 2011
  • Connect out loud with TalkBox Voice Messenger for Android
  • Hong Kong based TalkBox Ltd. today announces a recent update of TalkBox Voice Messenger for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Already boasting over one million registered iOS users, TalkBox Version 1.3 to support both English and Chinese languages, fix a number of minor technical issues, and add in easier navigation between multiple conversations within the app as well.
  • By Talkbox Limited - June 30, 2011