July 23, 2011 Latest News

  • 1717 Reported Cases of Water Damages
  • Cloudbursts in Copenhagen (the capital of Denmark) led to a record high number of calls about water damages to the Danish rescue company Falck. People all over the country are taking precautions again extreme weather.
  • By Falck 
  • Greenpacket, P1 and Sequans Collaborate on LTE Solutions
  • 4G chipmaker Sequans Communications S.A. (NYSE: SQNS), Southeast Asia's first and leading 4G operator, Packet One Networks (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd (P1), and global 4G networking solutions provider, Greenpacket, are working together to develop LTE solutions, including dual-mode 4G WiMAX/LTE solutions for Greenpacket's global operator customers, including P1, its operator subsidiary in Malaysia.
  • By Greenpacket
  • Delcam’s FeatureCAM solves problems for the problem-solvers
  • "Our customers view us as their problem-solvers and as the company that is willing to do what others aren’t willing, or able, to do,” claimed Scott Garbarino, Vice-President and Chief Operating Officer of Pacific Tool Inc. (PTI). A big part of that capability is the company’s FeatureCAM feature-based CAM software from Delcam.
  • By Financial News
  • Delcam to launch new machining options in PowerMILL at EMO
  • Delcam will launch the 2012 version of its PowerMILL CAM system for high-speed and five-axis machining at the EMO World of Metalworking exhibition to be held in Hannover from 19th to 24th September. The new release will include a number of new strategies, together with more general enhancements to make programming faster and machining more efficient with the best-possible surface finish.
  • By Financial News
  • Monitis Adds a Monitoring Node in Canada
  • Monitis, the award-winning provider of the world's first all-in-one cloud-based service that combines web site (uptime), server and application monitoring, today announced the deployment of a new monitoring node in Canada.
  • By Monitis Inc.
  • Tata Motors unveils Assembly Plant in South Africa
  • Tata Motors (SA) (Proprietary) Ltd., Tata Motors' joint venture with Tata Africa Holding (Pty) Ltd., today formally opened its assembly plant in South Africa at Rosslyn, north of Pretoria, in the Gauteng province of South Africa. The establishment of the plant is a major step towards bolstering the operations and presence of the Tata Group in South Africa.
  • By Business Updates