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  • TROSYS Releases TroSQL Free 1.10 - A Visual MySQL Manager and Admin Tool
  • TROSYS (, a leading provider of database tools today announces the Release of TroSQL Free 1.10. TroSQL is a Visual MySQL manager and Admin Tool with easy and efficient GUI with complete set of features to help user in creating, maintaining and managing MySQL Databases and Servers.It is well tested with MySQL version 5x and supports most of the latest MySQL features.
  • By Trosys - November 26, 2011
  • Patent Issued for Semantic-Relational Database
  • Datura LLC receives patent for full-syntax semantic-relational database, capable of using a fixed table design to store any type of data model and metadata in a relational database. This technology makes an Equal Format Database, capable of storing relational data, object data, knowledge data, and more.
  • By Datura Llc - June 07, 2011