December 31, 2013 Latest News

  • Smart Swipe IPhone Credit Card Reader Now Released
  • Smart Swipe has discharged fruit iphone credit card reader, their snare up fittings adornment that permits the client to swipe credit cards, empowering secured and expert credit card transactions. Its smooth plan fits agreeably and attachments into the 30 stick charging connector of the iphone. It is putting forth bi-directional card perusing gathering Ansi/iso norms.
  • By Credit Card Processing
  • 7th Annual Eco Hideaway Park City Celebrates Sundance 2014 on Main Street
  • Eco Hideaway PARK CITY combines music, talent and brands to honor the world's finest filmmakers! The private 3-day invitation only event is exclusive to the 2014 Sundance Film Festival filmmakers, talent, celebrities, credentialed media, musical artists, record label executives, world class athletes and entertainment and music industry VIP'S!
  • By Revele
  • ITTIA Updates Software for Large Data Management on Embedded Devices
  • ITTIA DB SQL tackles the growing challenge of how to analyze a large quantity of data quickly through a variety of complex queries. This provides high performance queries, reduced memory overhead, and more effective use of row-level locking for developers of embedded systems and mobile devices, with a choice of on-disk, in-memory, or hybrid storage options.
  • By Ittia