November 18, 2021 Latest News

  • A Muffin in the Oven Launches Globally
  • A Muffin in the Oven is a baby clothing atelier that has created a radically sustainable ideology behind how clothing should be made - an ideology that empowers moms and dads with a never before seen transparency into what goes into their baby’s clothing.
  • By A Muffin In The Oven
  • Neon Vulva Artist On Usa Guerilla Art Tour
  • New York-born artist and entrepreneur, Alice B Wilder is touring the USA with her four-foot-tall neon vulva, a self-portrait, hosting pop-up art shows in parks and on street corners, and having public discussions about shame, self-love, and pleasure. In response to challenges with social media censorship and having her accounts deleted, Wilder decided to take her art directly to the public.
  • By Genital Electric
  • Optimiser Launches Sales CRM to Boost Conversions
  • In a bid to support the growth, Optimiser has introduced Sales CRM. It comes with automated pipeline tool and account management to manage high enquiry volumes, and allow them to track prospects. Use analytics to track the trends and performance of sales team for further strengthening the future strategies.
  • By Glotelligence Ltd