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  • Alshawamikh Oil Services SAOC Installs the Best Explosion Proof Camera System From SharpEagle
  • Alshawamikh Oil Services SAOC an established SLCC (Super Local Community Contractor) is free of all worries as SharpEagle’s Explosion-proof camera system meets all the requirements of SAOC related to safety and surveillance of their equipment and worker at their workplace. SharpEagle has used a closed-loop positioning system to ensure that the CCTV device covers all the angles needed without any
  • Preventing explosive accidents and damages is now in better hands with the new explosion-proof camera system; a solution that Alshawamikh Oil Services ...
  • October 11, 2021
  • SharpEagle Gets Featured in Top 10 Explosion-Proof Camera Brands’ List for Regional and Global Landscape
  • SharpEagle marks its presence in the top 10 regional and global brand considered for the best manufacturers for explosion-proof cameras as per the consumption status 2021-2026. A proud moment for SharpEagle to be featured here. An impartial analysis was done by SoccerNurds on the basis of Product Features, Customer Satisfaction, and growth in past years.
  • SharpEagle recently featured the top 10 regional and global brands that manufacture the best explosion-proof cameras according to the consumption stat ...
  • October 07, 2021