November 15, 2012 Latest News

  • GoodCore Software develops and re-launches
  • Social network integration for popular sites like Twitter and Facebook is also provided to enhance the portal's collaborative abilities. Harnessing its expertise in mobile application development, GoodCore Software has even made this real estate portal compatible with Apple iPhone and iPad devices. A third-party chat system has been integrated into the portal for real-time support.
  • By Goodcoresoft Pvt Ltd
  • 365SocialMedia to develop "No-Smoking" Apps
  • 365SocialMedia is UK's most progressing and promising app development, which holds long followed tradition of developing consumer facilitating smartphone apps. Extending the convention, 365SocialMedia has announced the development of "No-smoking" app which will provide assistance to chain smokers to get rid of this unhealthy habit.
  • By 365socialmedia
  • Prince de Bretagne sails pink onions to the UK
  • Prince de Bretagne Roscoff pink onions from Brittany (western France) will sail to the UK in the Etoile du Roy, a 47 metre 1745 replica of a Nelson-age ship. The vessel will sail from France to Jersey and Portsmouth before being moored at Saint Katharine Docks, London, where both trade professionals and the public will be welcomed aboard from 6 to 17 December 2012.
  • By Bureau Ubifrance Londres - Press Office
  • QRwave makes one scan order a reality
  • QRwave is a mobile application that gives customers an opportunity to place restocking order by scanning QR code on the product label. It automates ordering process and helps support optimal inventory levels for businesses, as well as simplifies and encourages repeat orders in B2C / retail environment.
  • By Ahg
  • New iTunes App, Eaglenaut Launches at Mac Store
  • Launched by the owners of, and is a new productivity tool, Eaglenaut™. This desktop Mac app manages and tracks your incoming Gmail, Facebook and Twitter posts simultaneously, all without even opening a browser. Think of it as caller ID for your inboxes. It even combines multiple accounts, web search and social results right on your desktop.
  • By Ultragalactic Corporation