October 14, 2020 Latest News

  • Provide children FREE Islamic education! Support Noble Student in raising $25,000
  • We at Noble Student need your help and support for this cause of spreading Islam throughout the world. As Muslims, Islam forms the foundation of our lives, our success in this world and the hereafter yet millions of Muslims are deprived of a basic education when it comes to our beloved religion whether it be due to a lack of funds or lack of access to Islamic institutions.
  • By Noble Student
  • New Tribute Portfolio Hotel To Open Today
  • UCF's first on-campus hotel will be a Tribute Portfolio Hotel that offers guests a boutique destination with convenience in mind. This immersive concept is inspired by the stars and set apart from all others in Orlando.
  • By Hype Group
  • Among Stars, A Minority Girl is Treated with Equality
  • The Scientology Information Center announces its next video highlighting life and friendship, inviting the community to drop by during its extended celebration of the International Day of Friendship. The Center is in the heart of downtown Clearwater, newly branded “The District” where outdoor restaurant seating and live music is offered.
  • By Church Of Scientology, Flag