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  • Tim Entwisle
  • 84 Queen Street,, Croydon, NSW, Australia
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  • Madrigal Communications is a business communication specialist that provides a wide range of writing services to keep your internal and external communication operations on the right track while helping you win business opportunities that come your way. The elements of a winning tender proposal format is best known to our team of experts, and having helped hundreds of businesses win government tenders is a valid explanation for our claims. Government authorities can identify with the fact that 'value for money' is more important than the competitive pricing. That being said, a professionally written tender proposal enables you to compete on value and not on the price alone. Get in touch.
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  • In Conversation with Tim Entwisle: Where Do Tender Proposals Go Wrong?
  • Recently at a Business Communications Seminar, we had the opportunity to converse with Tim Entwisle, Director of Madrigal Communications.
  • Entwisle have over three decades of experience in communications, infrastructure and project management. He has extensive experience in tender writing ...
  • October 14, 2020