September 25, 2011 Latest News

  • Jack Welch GMC China Tour 2011
  • GMC CEO Forum--Jack Welch GMC China Tour is successfully held in Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Guangzhou in September. This forum has attracted more than 10,000 manufacturer representatives and media from all over China. Jack Welch's global influence is once again enhanced. GlobalMarket -Quality China Manufacturer, GMC help you select good quality and reliable China Manufacturer.
  • By Globalmarket Group
  • Online Dancewear Launches Interactive Ecommerce Site
  • With Online Dancewear buying dancewear has suddenly gotten easier. With only a click of a mouse, Dancers and dance parents now have an extensive access to a wide range of clothing, shoes and accessories. This new dynamic ecommerce website provides for intuitive browsing and searching, which facilitates a more efficient shopping experience.
  • By Online Dancewear