September 11, 2012 Latest News

  • A Group Art Exhibition '6 By 6' At Gallery 76
  • A group art exhibition '6 by 6' opens on Saturday, September 22 at Gallery 76 in Dubai International Art Centre showcasing the works of six artists from six nationalities. The artists, who all live in Dubai, will present abstract artwork in various media including video, photography, painting, drawing and installation art.
  • By Marketing Projunction
  • Infosys to Acquire Lodestone, a Leading Management Consultancy Firm
  • Strengthens Infosys management consulting capabilities globally, Expands presence in continental Europe adding more than 750 experienced consultants and 200 clients,Deepens expertise across Manufacturing, Automotive and Life Sciences industries,Infosys Consulting practice focusing on SAP programs to become a $1 Billion powerhouse.
  • By Infosys Limited
  • Good fortune in Chinese appetite
  • Australia's economy is much more dependent on China than it used to be. This is very fortunate. Imagine having had to rely on the US or Europe in the past few years - just ask the British and Canadians.
  • By Economic News
  • Gate Castors Get a Makeover
  • Gate castors may not be the most widely used product, in fact, if you asked someone what one was the chances are they would be hard pressed to say. However, they are in fact an important component of a gate.
  • By Castors Online
  • Red Carpte Ready Launches in S.A
  • Red Carpet Ready S.A offers complete event planning including what the people attending the bash will wear. Tailor-made dresses, glamorous shoes and all sorts of gowns are just the beginning of the experience Red Carpet Ready offers.
  • By Red Carpet Ready
  • CGIRB promotes Dawn Pope to Chief Operating Officer
  • Copernicus Group IRB (CGIRB), a leading independent institutional review board, today announced the promotion of Dawn Pope to Chief Operating Officer. In her new position, Ms. Pope will provide leadership and direction for the overall operations of the company, planning and coordinating the development of strategic objectives and goals.
  • By Altitude Marketing
  • DisplayLink Raises $10.4m Fresh Growth Funding
  • DisplayLink, the computer connectivity technology specialist, has raised $10.4 million debt & equity funding to underpin a fresh phase of growth for the business, which is thriving from its dual axis of Cambridge UK and Palo Alto, California.
  • By Business Weekly